FSS Team Welcomes Huron Consultants

On Nov. 1 consultants from Huron Consulting Group joined the Financials Support Services (FSS) team to begin work on the Chart of Accounts Redesign project. They will partner closely with FSS in the weeks to come.

The consultants are “bringing best practices experience with them to help the university develop a design that meets the diverse needs of various university departments for their transactions and reporting. They will make recommendations that will help us better expand our research and university activities,” said Associate Director of Financials Systems and Technology Dorann Mullins, a member of the project’s core team.

At the Chart of Accounts Redesign kickoff meeting Monday, Nov. 13, the Huron consultants and FSS team reviewed plans for the project. The assessment, recommendation, and proof of concept are expected to be completed in January 2018.

The desired end result of the project is to design a Chart of Accounts that contains unique pieces of data that will be scalable as the university grows and will help make reporting more meaningful and straightforward, Mullins said.