Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

Analysis Type


Analysis Types are assigned to individual transactions to identify different types of transactions, such as estimated costs, budgeted amounts, actual costs, and billed costs.

Analysis Type is only visible in the General Ledger.

Although the contracts and grants (C&G) department uses many Analysis Types, most are populated automatically. When creating a journal, you will be able to select from the following options:

  • GLE – General Ledger Expense
  • GLP– General Ledger Payroll
  • GLR – General Ledger Revenue

Although the Analysis Type PAY is also available, do not use it. PAY is solely for use by the human resources department.

Other Analysis Types will be used by specialized departments.

The following Analysis Types are used in Project Costing. This list is subject to change.


Analysis Type List  
Analysis TypeDescription
ACTActual Cost
BAJBilling Adjustment
BD1Total Cost Budget - Scenario 1
BD2Total Cost Budget - Scenario 2
BD3Total Cost Budget - Scenario 3
BD4Total Cost Budget - Scenario 4
BD5Total Cost Budget - Scenario 5
BD6Total Cost Budget - Scenario 6
BD7Total Cost Budget - Scenario 7
BD8Total Cost Budget - Scenario 8
BILBillable Amount
BLDBilled Amount
BUDTotal Cost Budget
COMCommitment incl. PO & Subcont
CRVCommitment Reversals
FBDFixed Cost Billed Amount
FBEFringe Benefits
FFAForegone F&A
FRVFixed Cost Revenue Amount
GLEGL Expense
GLNGL Non-Expense
GLPGL Payroll
GLRGL Revenue
OLTOver Limit
PAYTime and Labor Actual
RRVRequisition Reversals
SFASponsor F&A
UAJPrepaid Utilization Adjustment
UFAUnrecovered F&A
UTLPrepaid Utilization (Billing)
WTOWrite Off