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Departmental Authorization List


The Departmental Authorization List (DAL) is a data security list of authorized users in UCF Financials (PeopleSoft) system. Additionally, the DAL for a department or project authorizes those employees on the list to perform certain tasks associated with financial transactions, based on their security roles. According to UCF policy number 3-207.1, annual DAL verification is required by designated responsible fiscal officers (RFOs) and/or deans, directors, and chairs (DDCs).

Have questions about completing the annual DAL process? Review our list of FAQs to help guide you with this process.

I am an RFO and/or DDC who needs to complete the annual DAL process. How do I get started?
Our Addy Note, Conducting the Annual Employee Verification, provides step-by-step instructions through this process. Additionally, click the Addy Notes DAL icon above to review other instructions related to the DAL.
Can I complete the DAL verification process if I have pending DAL transactions?
Annual verification will not complete successfully while there are any pending DAL transactions generated under your Employee ID as the RFO. If you need to make changes to any employee’s DAL status, please make the changes as you would normally, wait 24 hours for those changes to take effect, and then complete the annual verification process at a later date.
How can I obtain a full list of all of my departments/projects?
A query ID will be made available for each annual DAL verification period in UCF Financials to provide a synopsis of the current DAL status for every department and project for which you are the RFO.
I completed the DAL process and clicked Submit, but I do not see the status. How can I check this?

Click the Process Monitor link to verify the status of your annual verification. Details on this action can be found on Step 14 of the Addy Note, Conducting the Annual Employee Verification.