Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts



A Project is a collection of information. Projects are similar to Departments in terms of their purpose. Unlike Departments, Projects operate using a defined budget period. Specific beginning and ending dates are required to establish a Project. Projects are used in lieu of Departments for research contracts and grants, construction and other facility improvement projects, and a limited number of auxiliary activities.

Either a Project or a Department number is required anytime you enter data for a transaction.

The Project field consists of eight digits.

* Creation of UCF ChartFields generally adheres to the logic and naming conventions presented in this training course, but limited exceptions do exist.


  • First through fourth digits = Functional area and Project
  • Fifth digit = Funding source
  • Sixth through eighth digits = Consecutive
Project Examples    
DescriptionProject Number Start DateEnd Date
BIO SCI-SOUTH BEACH TURTLE 01010001 01/01/1900 02/17/2012
UN REL VP-SOL TO SCHOLARS 01080001 01/01/1900 06/30/2011
ECE-TROPICAL RAINFALL MEAS 01400001 01/01/1900 05/31/2014