UCF Financials Access Requirements

UCF Financials Access Requirements

UCF Financials Access Requirements

  There are three requirements for access to UCF Financials. Complete them in the following sequence:

1.Complete the required training appropriate to your role as a Financials system user.
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2.Complete and submit an Ethics and Purchasing Certification form.
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3.Ask your department’s Responsible Fiscal Officer (RFO) to create one or more Departmental Authorization List (DAL) requests that provide access to UCF Financials and authorize specific financial responsibilities for you.
When you have met the requirements above, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the myUCF portal, from where you can access UCF Financials.

If you work at a branch campus, or if you wish to access UCF Financials from home or from any off-campus location, you need to connect to the UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN) network. Information about connecting to the network is available at https://ucf.service-now.com/ucfit?id=kb_article&sys_id=ff89f4764f45e200be64f0318110c763.

Special instructions for employees of the Finance and Accounting and Procurement Services departments:

If you will be working for either of these two departments, you will have an additional form to complete in addition to the above requirements.
CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM (Updated March 2019)

For assistance with any of the access requirements, contact the Financials Service Desk:

Phone: 407-823-5117 (option 6)
E-mail: fntrain@ucf.edu