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Accounts Payable

Application of Freight Charges in UCF Financials10/03/2016
Approval to Pay in Accounts Payable 07/13/2017
Generating an Invoice 07/11/2017
Review a Payment in Accounts Payable Using DataMart10/03/2016
Review a Payment in Accounts Payable Using Regular Entry Updated 08/15/2019
Review a Payment in Accounts Payable Using Voucher Inquiry10/03/2016
Viewing an Invoice Attached to a Voucher10/03/2016
Voucher Inquiry – Related Documents 01/10/2018

Asset Management

Asset Management Workflow Queries11/14/2016
Creating a Request to Declare an Asset Lost 11/13/2017
Creating an Asset Transfer Request11/07/2016
Determining an Asset's Location, Making an Offsite Inquiry, and Reviewing the Asset's Cost History10/03/2016
Responding to an Asset Transfer or a Declare Asset Lost Request 11/13/2017
Running Inventory Reports07/10/2017
Running Online Property Inventory Queries 11/16/2016
Selecting an Asset Management Form07/17/2017
Using a Room Decal Bar Code to Determine the Location of an Asset11/10/2016
Viewing Attachments on an Asset06/05/2017


Allocate Budget Using an Allocation Report 09/01/2017
Copying Journal Pages while Using the Standard Budget Ledger
Finding Report IDs in UCF Financials
How to Run a Standard Budget Ledger Report
Load Budget Allocations to UCF Financials Using SBL Offline Template 09/01/2017
Running a 5-Year Planning Report for Division Levels
Running a 5-Year Planning Report for Organizational Units and Academic/Business Units 05/18/2017
Selecting your Standard Budget Ledger (SBL) Report
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Budget Entity
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Budget Planning
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Budget to Actuals
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Expenses Prior Year 07/10/2017
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Quarterly Budget to Actuals
Standard Budget Ledger Reports: Quarterly Expenses Prior Year
Using the SBL Offline Journal Template to Create a Budget Transfer 07/19/2017
Using the SBL to Create an Online Budget Transfer 07/19/2017
Using the Tree Viewer in the Standard Budget Ledger 12/13/2016
Viewing Budget Details by using Related Content 12/13/2016


Activating and Inactivating Authorizations
Adding a New SpeedType (Department or Project) to an Employee07/17/2017
Adding Employees to a SpeedType (Department or Project)07/17/2017
Completing the Employee Details Tab
Completing the PCA Details Tab
Completing the PRC Details Tab
Conducting the Annual Employee Verification
Departmental Authorization List (DAL): Security Access Codes and Descriptions
Inquiring on the DAL for Department/Project Authorizations 01/17/2017
Inquiring on the DAL for Employee Authorizations 05/15/2017
Using Bulk Approval Updated
Using Bulk Copy by Department or Project (SpeedType) 05/15/2017
Using Bulk Copy by Employee 05/15/2017
Using Bulk Inactivate by Employee 05/15/2017
Using Bulk Inactivate by Department or Project (SpeedType)05/15/2017
Viewing Employee Authorizations
Viewing an Employee’s Authorization Status and History
Viewing the Employee Training Tab


Adding Comments and Attachments to an ePro Requisition11/03/2016
Approving Requisitions in UCF Financials04/12/2018
Canceling a Receipt10/25/2017
Canceling a Requisition10/28/2016
Categories and Comments for Vehicle Purchases and Leases 10/30/2018
Change Order to a Purchase Order05/18/2017
Changing Account Codes on a Requisition 02/13/2017
Choosing a Purchase Category in UCF Financials
Comments & Attachments FAQs11/03/2016
Confirming the Correct Business Unit10/12/2016
Copying a Requisition10/28/2016
Creating a Multiple Distribution Line on a Requisition12/22/2016
Creating a Travel Requisition
Creating a Requisition07/10/2017
Creating a Requisition to Acquire an Asset07/10/2017
Creating a Requisition to Purchase Hazardous Materials 04/10/2019
Creating an ePro Requisition for $1,000 or Less 09/21/2018
Editing or Canceling a Receipt11/03/2016
Fiscal 2020 New Year Information & Requisitions Tips New 07/02/2019
Helpful Information for Sponsored Research Requisitions 08/30/2017
Inspecting Requisitioned Items11/03/2016
Printing a Purchase Order06/27/2019
Printing an ePro Requisition11/03/2016
Receiving in UCF Financials07/14/2017
Receiving on Rolled-over Purchase Orders11/03/2016
Special Personalizations for all Requesters10/03/2016
Using Purchase Order Inquiry to Review Purchase Order Balance 06/07/2018
Using the Mass Change Page When Creating a Requisition

General Ledger

Checking Departmental and Project Balances10/09/2016
Copying a Journal07/31/2018
Creating a Journal in UCF Financials05/09/2019
Creating an Offline Journal Using a Template 02/04/2019
Deleting a Journal07/31/2018
Journal Inquiry10/09/2016
Saving and Printing a PDF Version of a Journal Report10/09/2016
Understanding Journal Errors
Uploading a Journal Created from a Template 05/09/2019
Viewing a Journal Attachment


Adding Favorites10/03/2016
Avoiding Time-out Issues When Using Multiple Windows10/03/2016
Changes with System Maintenance (PeopleTools 8.55 Upgrade) 11/16/2017
Clearing Temp Files When Using Financials DataMart02/02/2017
Completing Travel Reimbursement Forms Using Electronic Signature07/17/2017
Creating a Payment Request05/01/2017

Enhanced Search

Using the Features of Enhanced Search (video)

Gaining Access to UCF Financials07/17/2017
Logging into UCF Financials Through the myUCF Portal 06/24/2019
Personalizing Pages in UCF Financials10/03/2016
Registering for UCF Financials Training Classes10/03/2016
Selecting to Receive Emails from UCF Financials03/02/2017
Using UPK10/03/2016
Viewing Alert Notifications 08/18/2017
Viewing Employee and Travel Reimbursements07/10/2017
Viewing Related Content10/03/2016


Accessing & Approving the PCard Application in UCF Financials05/02/2019
Adding Asset Information to a PCard Transaction 12/13/2016
Charging PCard Transactions to Research Foundation Projects or Departments Updated 04/25/2017
Disputing a Charge 12/13/2016
General Procedure for Approving PCard Charges 07/31/2017
Linking PCard Transactions to Multiple-line Purchase Orders 07/31/2017
Locating a PCard Holder’s Charges 12/13/2016
Splitting PCard Transactions Between Multiple POs, Departments, or Projects 07/31/2017
Updating PCard Transactions in UCF Financials 12/13/2016
Using the Search Link to Manage Multiple PCard Transactions
Viewing Level Three Transaction Details
Viewing Project Budgets for PCard Approvals

Project Costing

Understanding Project Status Codes10/25/2016


Excel 2013 Macro Installation Instructions07/03/2017
Finding Receipt and Student EmplID Details in Drill-Down Reports 07/10/2017
How to Make Changes to a Private Query 04/30/2018
Running a Budget Position Report 06/20/2018
Running a Budget Position Report for a Department 07/10/2017
Running a Budget Position Report for a Project07/10/2017
Running a Budget Position Report for Student Financials Details 07/10/2017
Running a Budget Status Report 02/08/2017
Running a Budget Transaction Detail Report
Running a General Ledger Activity Report by Department (or Project)
Running a Ledger Details Report02/08/2017
Running a PO Balances Detail Report 07/10/2017
Running a PO Balance Summary Report02/08/2017
Running a User – References Report 02/08/2017
Running an Expenditure Report10/13/2016
Running Queries on Department/Project Expenses and Revenues 02/08/2017
Running Queries Relating to PO’s and Vouchers 02/08/2017
Scheduling a Query in UCF Financials07/10/2017
Tips on Running a Budget Position Report11/03/2016
Understanding a PO Balances Detail Report11/03/2016
Understanding a PO Balance Summary Report11/03/2016
Using the UCF Financials DataMart 06/24/2019
Viewing or Printing Reports from myUCF 07/10/2017